Technical Support and Training


GUCHEN not only manufacture and sell products, we also provide technical support and training service. Any customer who purchases over 200 units annually from us, can send out a two-engineers team to come to our factory to study for 10 days. We'd train them with the basic skills in bus A/C's and other auto A/C's installation and maintenance courses. All the costs during their stay in China would be on our side.


Spare Parts Supply


We don't believe the trading of bus AC and refrigeration system is so simple as just sell-and-buy. The vehicle climate control unit is a complex working system; enough spare parts standby is necessary and is very important for the project, so we pay high attention on the after-sales spare parts supply. Each order that customer placed with us would be provided a certain percentage of spare parts for the after-sales maintenance usage at our cost price; certainly this depends on the customer's final confirmation. Surely you are always welcomed to deal with our bus AC parts in your local market, we deem it a sound project, because, nowadays the quality of China AC parts is very good and reliable, and the high ratio of cost-performance can assure you to compete with any of the existing brands in your local market.