• intercity bus air conditioner

PFD-VII Aire Acondicionado de Autobús

  • Model: • PFD-VII
  • Cooling Capacity: • 37.2KW / 32,000Kcal/h / 127,000BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 4429×1902×205 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • 10-12 meter City Bus or 11-13 meter Coach

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PFD-VII Rooftop Mounted Bus Air Conditioning System Overall 

PFD-VII roof mounted bus A/C unit is designed for large city bus of 10-12 m or coach of 11-13 m, the compressor is powered by vehicle engine, the control system is powered by independent  alternator. This bus A/C adopting shock absorption design, suitable for bumpy roads. Featuring constant airflow provision resulting from the integration of high-efficiency, durable blowers, fans and electromagnetic clutch (please look at the picture of key parts in PFD-VII Bus Air conditioner ), these systems are not only highly reliable and highly efficient, but renowned for their long service life. 

 micro channel heat exchanger

Micro-channel Heat Exchanger and Anti-corrosion Technology

Through years of research, Guchen industry developed the unique anti-corrosion technology, which can greatly extend the service life of the parallel flow coil (Micro-channel Heat Exchanger) in hot and humid environment, reduce maintenance and replacement costs. PFD-VII roof mounted bus air conditioning use the micro-channel heat exchanger in its condenser (aluminum tube and aluminum fins), which can increase approximate 30% heat exchange efficiency compare to traditional cooper tube and aluminum fin type heat exchanger such as BFFD-06 Bus Air Conditioner, more cooling capacity, less refrigerant charge, less weight. 


Key Features and User Benefits of PFD-VII Rooftop Bus Air conditioning 

● PFD-VII Bus Air-conditioning solutions offering cooling performance 37.2 KW or 32,000 Kcal/h

● Internal of PFD-VII Bus A/C condenser using the latest design MFC, smaller volume and higher cooling performance.

● Compact design facilitates installation in a variety of Larger Medium Duty Type Buses 

● High thermodynamic efficiency in terms of overall bus A/C’s dimensions

● Durable, super high quality components with long service life.

● Low cost and low fuel consumption thanks to overall lightweight design & aerodynamic design

● Enhanced the corrosion resistance of key components, in order to meet the long-term operation under humidity.
● Using original Bock FK 40 655K compressor, Original Valeo TM66 compressor, and Bitzer 4NFCY compressor.

● Easy to install and minimal maintenance requirements

● For perfect climate control, also feature a heating function ( Optional ).


PFD-VII Rooftop Mounted Bus Air Conditioning Installation Structure

PFD-VII Rooftop Mounted Bus Air Conditioning Installation Structure


Main Application of PFD-VII Bus Air conditioning 

PFD-VII rooftop air-conditioning systems is ideal for a broad scope of larger medium buses. The range starts from large buses seating up to 60 seats to coach such as city bus, BRT buses, intercity bus, school bus and group coach and in tourism and long-distance transportation industry buses.


Why Choose Guchen PFD-VII Bus Air conditioning

★ Energy Saving Technology 

1. Condenser adopting frame structure system

2. Blower using infinitive speed System

3. Compressor with energy adjustment system

 Durable Technology: 

1. Guchen anti-corrosion technology

2. Clutch electrophoresis process which coil winding turns are more than 15%. Torque is higher than the design value by 10% or more

3. Core technology including thinning and stretching technology, degreasing and drying technology

4. Quality suppliers, key components are selected international brands including Spal, Bitzer, Tyco, Bosch, Panasonic, Bock, Jinlong Copper, Danfoss

 key parts in PFD-VII Bus Air conditioner


blower in PFD-VII Bus Air conditioning fan in PFD-VII Bus Air conditioning electromagnetic clutch in Rooftop Bus Air conditioning magnetic clutch coil in PFD-VII Bus Air conditioning

★ Intelligence Technology

1. Using the import intelligence control system with highlight OLED display and graphic light-touch button.

2. Electrical control system, adopt independent parallel control, the safety factor is 3-5 times for series circuit.

3. Can-bus technology adopts PWM control module,realize evaporator fan can continuously viable,the use of comfort can comparable to the household air conditioner.

★ Health Technology

1. Guchen Air conditioning for bus put to use the Eco-friendly Heat preservation and filter material

2. Intelligent Fresh Air System, Guchen assumes its own patent (Patent No.200520030055.3) of efficient new wind air exchanger, not influence refrigerating effect

★ Environmental Friendly Technology

1. Noise reduction including sound absorption and noise elimination for lowering noise

2. All parts of air conditioning for bus all meet to the strict environmental protection standard

★ Specialist Bus Air Conditioning Manufacturer 

As the specialist bus A/C manufacturer in China, the annual production capacity is 50000 units of bus air conditioning system.



Cooling Capacity

37.2 KW / 32,000 Kcal/h / 127,000 BTU

Heating Capacity


Fresh Air

1750 m3/h

Refrigerant / Volume

R134a / 13 kg





650 cc


33 kg

Oil Type

FUCHS Reniso Triton Se55



Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

7,000 m3/h

Blower Type

4-speed centrifugal type

No. of Blower

8 pcs





Micro-channel heat exchanger

Air Flow

9,500 m3/h

Fan Type

Axial type

No. of Fan

5 pcs



Total Current

< 95A

Weight of Rooftop Unit



10-12 meter City Bus or 11-13 meter Coach

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